I got a realization that we don’t have to use memory techniques for everything, we have infinite memory and what you learn will be stored in the subconscious memory, we only need to know how to navigate to that information. If we can store in outline method that will also be in long term memory and we don’t need a memory technique.

Brain can be divided into 2 parts – Concious Mind & Subconcious Mind. Concious mind has limited working space, just like cache & RAM (Temporary memory) which can be used for processing whereas Subconcious mind has unlimited memory just like hard disk (Permanent memory) which can store information. Also the processor can be upgraded which is used in concious mind for faster decisions, right decisions and so on……

Concious mind only tries to trigger the subconscious by emotions, feelings, senses and based on that whatever is suited for that the subconscious fetches from the 95% of the brain

We can consciously increase our brain, conscious mind & subconscious mind. I will try to explore how