Day 0

Step 1 : Prepare your mind (Affirmations to your brain), have a reason why you want to learn swimming (to enjoy, to build your self confidence,….), what is your goal (Another article)

Step 2 : Identify the pool where you want to learn and the coach

Step 3 : Book it for the time where you can do it every single day (even for 15 to 30min)

Step 4 : Purchase the swimming costume (For Ex : Decathlon)
Shorts, TShirt, Cap & Goggles (If required one bag to keep wet clothes)

Day 1

Step 5 : Make your bag ready
1. Changing clothes
2. Towel

Step 6 : Daily habit,
1. Workout from top to bottom (Rotation & Stretching)
2. Take shower (It might be cold but its necessary so that you don’t pollute the pool)
3. Enter the pool (People think open pool is cold but its counterintuitive as the shower water is far colder than pool and once you enter you don’t feel cold)
4. Just walk through the pool, make yourself in sync with water, say thank you to god and appreciate its creations, Approx 10min gets lapsed

Step 7 : Stages in learning swimming
1. Breathing
2. Floating
3. Kicking
4. Hand movement
5. Integration
6. Different styles

Breathing : We have take breathe through mouth and release by nose