This question was pestering for a long time and now I have an answer for it. Those who don’t know about pomodoro, please read this blog but my high recommendation is to go through the book to understand it correctly. The book is around 150 pages but its worth and if you don’t have time do reach me out. Now coming back to the question and the answer is yes. Why I say so, because I have identified a variant which is a mixture of both task & flow. Lets understand deeper

Pomodoro is effective in approx. 80% of the tasks but 20% tasks we can use the flow techniques. Pomodoro & the 1 min hack is good for getting into task mode. 1 min hack mode is developed by me when you don’t have any focus or energy or come out of boredom and still do the task (For Ex – An assignment which you don’t have any interest). Start the 25 min pomodoro and now you have another loop timer (Very important) which runs for 1 min and you will do only a small part of the task. In our example of assignment this can be writing only one line and you will focus only on this small piece and try to achieve it in that 1 min. As soon as 1 min rings console yourself even if you could not write that small piece of information, use next 1 min to complete same task, if you have completed move to next small chunk.

Now the bigger question is, if i get into the flow during this pomodoro what should i do. Once you get into the flow forget about the pomodoro ring, and if you are in the flow state go ahead and complete the task and mark only 1 pomodoro for that activity as soon as you take a break. So still we follow same pomodoro method but now we have flow added to pomodoro. This variant works wonders. Do try and let me know your comments/questions.