I always try to wonder during my free time, why I feel energized after

  1. A short nap or sleep
  2. Meeting someone new & discussing
  3. Discussing with parents (Positive)
  4. Meeting your role models
  5. After a senior encourages us
  6. Something really good news comes
  7. Achieving something
  8. Whenever you are in a group (Positive)

And the opposite is also true, you get de-energized after

  1. Intermittent sleep
  2. Negative thoughts
  3. Constant reprimand from family/boss
  4. Unavoidable arguments with anyone
  5. Whenever you are in a group (Negative)

How do you gain the energy back – Firstly we need to get back to neutral state. How do we do it? Rather than thinking “Why Me” think “Try Me” in that situation and try to exploit it – Do Epic Shit even if you fail. Have lot of internal conversations, put it on paper, write down why you had done it. Next you have to use simple visualization technique (God is trying to test and make you learn something which you haven’t yet learnt) to get back into neutral state. Think about the same situation again the next day and try to see from a third person view and find out what was the best solution. Next from neutral we need to get to positive direction by doing creative visualization (What state/personality you actually want and you are already living it) and affirmation. Have self talks with your body say thank you to each and every one.

But is there a way to borrow energy from universe while you are awake so that you can work for 24 hours with auto body healing ? Those who have seen Naruto (a cartoon series) know exactly what I am talking about where Naruto is in sage mode to borrow energy from the nature. I am exploring and experimenting on myself both mentally and physically this same aspect. I am able to achieve 18hrs of work with less than 6 hrs of sleep. These 18 hrs are not with the highest energy level throughout but expecting to achieve it soon (Those who want to know about this routine, kindly put a message at the bottom) I will try to take it to next level where I want to reduce by 30 min and update my findings without my body & mind revolting.

18-03-2023 : I am using creative visualization technique for achieving this. I have already achieved 24 hours of active state and I am feeling great, I am able to learn anything fast and apply in my day to day life. For short naps or sleeping I am visualizing I am at beach in the middle of the night, sitting down and seeing the ocean with stars & moon hearing the relaxing sound of waves, the soothing breeze touching my face, the smell of the sand, feeling of content & happiness, and talking to the supreme personality, appreciating him & thanking for giving this life and you are getting into deep sleep (10 min deeper and deeper sleep should be sufficient for long time). Body healing needs a lot of positivity around you. Try your own visualizations…