Affirmations are positive statements that you say, see and feel about you or for your goals. Affirmations are daily part of our life, without realizing we use it many a times. For example – when we are doing a task we say I can do it, where we have expertise we say its quite easy for me (Asan hain), or saying prayers to our God where you ask for strength.

We do it with a very easy process and apply for our goals and our-self. We just have to write the affirmation, visualize it every single day without any doubts. But the implementation is quite challenging, lets understand with an example. Suppose I want to write a book in 9 months. In first step I visualize that I have already achieved this goal and what emotions I feel for this. I feel very happy, I feel its like a dream come true, I feel I can conquer the world, I feel I am excited to tell the world and so on… Just identify 2 to 3 feelings and write your goal affirmation. My Goal statement will be ” I am so happy, grateful and excited that I have my goal of writing a book in 9 months” and my self affirmation ” I am a writer and thoughts easily flows in my head”. For self its the qualities & identity which you visualize in yourself. Have self belief in these affirmations otherwise your brain and mind will be in opposition.

Why it works?
1. Your thoughts are like magnets, they attract whatever you feel. Universe doesn’t differentiate in providing energy for whatever thoughts come to your mind, for helplessness thought it will give you helplessness energy, for joyful thoughts it will give you happiness energy.
2. You have to bear the consequences, whatever you think you have to bear the end results. For example if you think bad about someone then automatically bad will happen to you in real life.

What mistakes do we make?
1. We try to solve an immediate problem and 100% time it doesn’t work. For example in 3 idiots aamir khan always used to say to himself -” All is well”. So affirmations work with a time delay.
2. We don’t do it regularly – we have to recite it every single day before you sleep and when you get up and whenever you remember
3. Being desperate and not trusting the process on a daily basis.
4. Not changing who we are. We want to be a writer, we should write atleast a line daily…..